Monday, 22 June 2009

After an awesome trip to Hungary with three good friends who happen to be colleagues I found myself wondering something.

I tried to think of other friends that I have that have been on holidays with groups of coworkers. I couldn't think of any.

After going on weekend trips to New York, Budapest, Dubai and countless other places I have come to the conclusion that I am pretty lucky to have a bunch of coworkers that I genuinely enjoy hanging out with, or 'kicking it' as was the phrase in Budapest (thanks Kristy)

With only 1 week left in London, I am pretty sure that there will be a ton of mini trips once back in the US

I guess that as of July 1 when I am back in San Francisco, it will be 'Where next?' again pretty soon


  1. Congrats on your new blog Sam. I look forward to you and Marcus coming back to SF! Joe and I went to Izzy's yesterday, and he told me that's your hangout. See you soon mate!

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  3. Hmmmm...I wrote that I want more details about the Budapest trip and it showed up as my boyfriends' comment ..anyway Sam, it's me Timea :)

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